Simple and nourishing blends of powdered roots, herbs, fruits and healing mushrooms designed to elevate your elixirs, smoothies, special snacks + desserts. The Gut Lab is an organic, handmade and woman owned business based in Alberta, Canada. 


Lab notes | scoop or sprinkle half to one teaspoon in smoothies, elixirs, + any favorite dish daily.


40g/ 1.6 oz


Her: Known for promoting hormone balance / supporting/toning the reproductive system (from pre-

teen years to menopause + beyond!) / used to reduce inflammation in the gut + may increase    digestive enzymes lipase + amylase / helps to soothe the digestive tract / may help you feel

nourished, energized, + grounded.


Ingredients | (shatavari root, rosehip, schisandra berry, true cinnamon, nettle leaf, ginger root)*, love, organic powder.


Clarity: Naturally improve concentration + memory/learning ability/increase blood flow to the brain/ reduce cortisol levels + inflammation/support adrenals/lessen symptoms of leaky gut,  

depression, fatigue.


Ingredients | (ashwagandha root, turmeric root, lion’s mane mushroom extract, gingko biloba, black pepper), love. organic powder.


Shroom5: Full of energy boosting polysaccharides / support GI health + proliferate good bacteria in the gut / cardiovascular + respiratory support (cold + flu!) / improve cognitive function / may reduce inflammation, anxiety, fatigue / support natural detoxification + liver health.


Ingredients | (chaga mushroom extract, reishi mushroom extract, lion’s mane mushroom extract,

tremella mushroom extract, cordyceps mushroom extract), love, organic powder.


Rise: Rise + shine! your coffee or tea’s new bff / used to support the immune, cardiovascular,

nervous, endocrine, circulatory + digestive systems / may assist in balancing hormones /

improve cognitive function / + boost your overall well-being.


Ingredients | (chaga mushroom extract, reishi mushroom extract, lion’s mane mushroom extract,  maca root, lucuma), love, organic powder.


Sunshine: Nourishing, anti-inflammatory golden mylk drink / perfect for any time of day or night, hot

or cold/known to support adrenals + immune system / may balance hormones + reduce inflammation / soothe the GI tract + improve energy levels.


Ingredients | (turmeric root, lucuma, maca root, true cinnamon, lion’s mane mushroom extract,  blac