Say 'Hello' to the world's cutest and most comfortable menstrual cup. Made in New Zealand, Hello Cups are hypoallergenic and will last at least five years. They hold three times more than a tampon and can be worn for up to 12 hours. The XS is great for teens, petite users and those who prefer a mini tampon. The S/M is 'one size fits most,' and perfect for those under 35 & fit users. The large is best for those over 35 and not overly fit. 


XS (Lilac) : 38mm diameter, 57mm length with toggle. Holds 17.5ml.

S/M (Blue or Black): 41mm diameter, 59mm length with toggle. Holds 21ml.

L (Blush): 45mm diameter, 64mm length with toggle. Holds 21ml.


Hello Menstrual Cup