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I’m Hannah. Rose Market is a collection of my favorite vintage and pre-loved styles (hello, 90’s!), clean beauty, sustainable home and gift goods, and a few other things found along the way. It is personally curated through heart, and the intention to create beauty and positive change around me. 


I have loved fashion and glamour as long as I can remember, but as I grew up, was faced with the the ugly impact of this industry on the planet. I realized that maybe those childhood trips to the thrift store with my mom weren’t so embarrassing, and that I could find a way to reduce my fast fashion tendencies without sacrificing style and glamour. This new love for vintage & shopping second-hand inspired me to launch the OG Rose Market in 2014, and I have made my way through various evolutions over the years. There have been tough lessons in trial and error, but what always keeps me coming back is the strong calling to follow my passion, to share this joy and connection with my community, and to help others feel beautiful and empowered, too. Fashion and shopping may never be truly sustainable, but we can tip the scales by buying second hand where we can, limiting the use of plastics and disposables, and focusing on buying new items that are versatile, classic and ethically made. 


You can usually find me in the Rose Market showroom, located in the charming gold country foothills of Nevada City, California, or hunting for vintage treasures around town. Otherwise, I'm home on the farm with my dogs, cats and goats galore, or soaking up some sun at the river. There’s nothing like quality time outdoors to remind us what it’s all about.


Stay happy, stay chic, and show yourself and mama earth some love!

Hannah Rose Simmonds

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